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SLAM! SharePoint List Association Manager

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Like SLAM? Try our latest product, SlamCMS. SlamCMS builds on SLAM to provide an entire content management system and application framework that leverages SharePoint 2010 for publishing (using the free Foundation version or the licensed Server) and adds a super-easy, super-flexible way to query and manifest your data built on a set of cutting edge technologies.

Most developers who have used SharePoint as an application development framework have run into the realization that SharePoint is NOT a relational database. In fact, the accepted wisdom is if you need relational tables, use ASP.NET/SQL straight-up, not SharePoint.

Enter SharePoint List Association Manager (SLAM). In short it allows you to define relationships (one to one, one to many, many to many) between SharePoint lists (or Content Types) and then leverage those relationships in webparts or custom field types using familiar and straight forward SQL queries.

Version 2.1 for SharePoint 2010 is now the latest version of SLAM. Major updates in 2.1 include the collapsing of what were the "AWS.SLAM and AWS.SLAM.Core" dlls into a single Slam.dll, the standardizing of SLAM's event receivers to execute synchronously in all cases, the Slam Action framework, which allows developers to attach Pre-Save and Post-Save delegates that will execute within the SLAM pipeline, the new custom-field type control host, the Slam Field, and a few performance enhancements.

Please note that version 2.1 no longer supports SharePoint 2007. If you are still using SharePoint 2007 you will need to use SLAM 2.0

To Upgrade:
SLAM 2.1 contains new assemblies. After updating the WSP solution using Powershell or stsadm, the SLAM Site Collection Feature must be deactivated then activated again. SLAM must then be reactivated via the SLAM Control Panel.

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For more information on the general architecture of SLAM, click here

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You can either use the discussion tab, or feel free to contact us either using our form on our website or email us directly at We actively support SLAM and will continue to be posting more information here in the coming days.

Not a Developer? Still interested in using SLAM?

SLAM, in its current form, is aimed as a tool for developers. However, if you're interested in implementing SLAM and you aren't a developer please let us know!

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