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Site Collections under Managed Paths

May 16, 2011 at 12:42 PM


We are "SLAMing" a numebr of lists on our Intranet site.  We also have some lists in other sites that we want to slam but I'm having trouble getting my head around how to do it.  The complication is that these other sites are Site Collections that hang off a managed path under our Intranet site.

So we've got a site called http://intranet which has a slam.config in it's Intranet80 folder in wss\VirtualDirectories\Intranet80 and that's got some lists in it which are being sync'd into SQL tables and that's working perfectly.

We've got a managed path for department sites which is http://intranet/departments.  We've got a number of sites that are here, for instance, http://intranet/departments/itdept.  If I got to the IT Department's site, and go to Site Settings, there isn't a column for Site Collection Settings.  this leads me to think it's not a site collection but if you look at the list of Site Collections within Central Administration then it is listed as a Site Collection.  On the off chance it would work, I manually typed the URL http://intranet/departments/itdept/_layouts/SLAM/SLAMControlPanel.aspx and I got the to SLAM config page.  When I click on the Validate button, it is clearly reading the configuration for the top level http://intranet site but failing to validate most lists (as they do not exist in this site).  I could edit the slam.config and put in an entry for the lists I want to SLAM without supplying a site, that does seem to validate, but that's just asking for trouble is there is a list in two sites with the same name.  Presumably the two instances of SLAM that I seem to have are going to be updating the same table.

So, I think what I need is a way to have SLAM read a difficult config for a site collection that is within a managed path belonging to another site collection.  The problem is, there isn't a folder within WSS\VirtualDirectories for this site collection so I'm lost as to where to put it!



May 17, 2011 at 6:18 PM

If you are in a site collection’s top level site, which I assume /departments/itdept is in your example, go to site settings and you do not see a Site Collection Administration column at all it means you are not a site collection admin.  If you see the column and are not seeing the SLAM Control Panel link it is because you need to activate the SLAM feature in site collection features.  I point this out because the SLAM Control Panel executes everything with the assumption that the admin is a site collection admin.  By simply navigating to it by address may lead to other unexpected errors.

As for setting up the slam config for the itdept site collection you should add another DataMapping element to your slam.config.

So you have your top level one like:

<DataMapping DataSchema="dbo">

With whatever the DataSchema is, then you add another one at the same level like:

<DataMapping SiteCollection="departments/itdept" DataSchema="dbo">


This DataMapping, as I have given, will use the same connection string as the root site collection.  You could alternatively add another connection string to the ConnectionStrings section and add ConnectionString=”…” to the DataMapping element in case you wanted it to slam to a different database.

In any case, once you have the DataMapping section for the itdept site collection doing validation in the SLAM Control Panel under that site collection will only refer to lists and content types defined in that DataMapping.

Jun 15, 2011 at 1:11 AM


Thanks for the reply (and apologies for my late response!)  That worked perfectly, thanks for explaining it to me!