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Almost Working

Jan 13, 2010 at 6:49 PM

I have SLAM installed and set up I modified my config file and it creates 3 tables in the SLAM DB - CODE_MAP_COmpanies, CODE_MAP_Interactions, and InteractionsToCompanies.

The first 2 tables seem to fill properly when I run a manual sync.  The assocaition table (InteractionsToCompanies) does not have any data.  I am not sure what I am doing wrong.  Can someone spot my issue?

I would really appreciate any help.  SLAM will solve a lot of Sharepoint problems for me.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
  <ConnectionStrings Default="SLAM">
    <add Name="SLAM" ConnectionString="Database=slam;Data Source=xxx;User Id=slam;Password=xxx" />
  <DataMapping DataSchema="SLAM">
    <List Name="CODE_MAP_Companies" ActivationOrder="1">
        <Field Name="Title" SqlType="varchar(255)" SPType="Text" Required="true"></Field>
        <Field Name="ShortName" SqlType="varchar(25)" SPType="Text" Required="true"></Field>
		<Field Name="AssignedTo" SqlType="varchar(255)" SPType="Text" Required="flase"></Field>
		<Field Name="Category" SqlType="varchar(4)" SPType="Text" Required="true"></Field>
		<Field Name="Group" SqlType="varchar(15)" SPType="Text" Required="false"></Field>
		<Field Name="TargetInteractions" SqlType="smallint" SPType="Number" Required="false"></Field>
    <List Name="CODE_MAP_Interactions" ActivationOrder="2">
        <Field Name="Title" SqlType="varchar(255)" SPType="Text" Required="true"></Field>
		<Field Name="CompanyShortName" SPType="Lookup" AssociatedList="CODE_MAP_Companies" AssociationName="InteractionsToCompanies" ></Field>
		<Field Name="NameLast" SqlType="varchar(15)" SPType="Text" Required="false"></Field>
		<Field Name="NameFirst" SqlType="varchar(15)" SPType="Text" Required="false"></Field>
		<Field Name="ContactedBy" SqlType="varchar(255)" SPType="Text" Required="true"></Field>
		<Field Name="DateInteraction" SqlType="smalldatetime" SPType="DateTime" Required="true"></Field>
		<Field Name="InteractionType" SqlType="varchar(15)" SPType="Text" Required="true"></Field>
		<Field Name="TypeDetails" SqlType="varchar(500)" SPType="Text" Required="false"></Field>
		<Field Name="Notes" SqlType="varchar(max)" SPType="Note" Required="false"></Field>

Jan 13, 2010 at 6:58 PM

Got it working.  I dropped the tables for the 5th time, re-wrote the config, and did a sync.  5th time's a charm.  I must have had a mnistake somewhere.  I see items in the association table now.