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SLAM List with Space in Name

Jul 21, 2009 at 9:08 PM

Is it possible to SLAM  a list that has a space in the name? The Activation errors out whenever I try to SLAM  a list name with spaces in it. If I change the List name in sharepoint to have NO spaces, everything works. Unfortunately I have a lot of multiple word list names and the presentation isn't very user friendly if all the list names are run together.

I tried using the List ID instead to mitigate this issue but I couldn't get that to work and wouldn't know how to use the AssociateList command if I used the ID tag instead.

Jul 21, 2009 at 9:18 PM

About Lists with spaces see my comment here

As for the AssociatedList attribute, it is not strictly used by SLAM to get a reference to a list.  Because an association field applies to a Lookup SLAM is actually using the lookup field's properties to get a stronger reference to the lookup list.  AssociatedList is primarily for description and column naming in the association table.  It is called AssociatedList of course because the field is a lookup so the context is Item to Item contained in a list, regardless of whether you are slamming both Items being associated via their Content Types.  To illustrate, I generally define a User association like Name="Person" AssociatedList="Users" AssociationName="ProjectOwners" etc.  Where Users is actually not a "real" list, but if I am slamming the Person content type I will have a TableName="Users" attribute in the ContentType node, so to clarify the relationship in the database I set AssociatedList to "Users".  The ProjectOwners table then has ProjectsListItemID and UsersListItemID columns.  In a case where you use the ID of the List to match it then you can still set AssociatedList to whatever you like.