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Can this work across sites/ subsites

Jul 27, 2009 at 10:18 PM

I am not sure if this can be configured to work across sites/ subsites. If so, please let me know how to do it. If not, please consider this as a feature request for a future release.

Basically, I have a site for the Project Management Office (PMO) under that I have sites for individual clients and each of these client sites have sub sites for individual projects.

PMO > Client(s) > Project(s). The project site has task list

I would like to aggregate the information up in the PMO site.

Jul 27, 2009 at 11:37 PM

Hi Shikarishambu,

SLAM can absolutely work across multiple sites within the same site collection. For your specific example, there are two potential ways that it could be accomplished depending on your specific needs and how you set up these sites/lists. Namely, you can either SLAM the individual tasks lists or the task content type (obviously, the latter would require that tasks are set up as a content type).

For the first direction, you'd just have to specify each list in the SLAM config seperately using the form <List Site="xxx" Name="ListName" ActivationOrder="1"> followed by the appropriate field names, where the site is equal to the name of the subsite relative to the root (e.g. Site="PMO/ClientSiteName/ProjectSiteName"). Each project's task list would then, by default, be SLAMed to it's own table in your SLAM database. From here you can create a simple SQL query to aggregate the data for consumption in the PMO site. Note that for this method you have to modify the SLAM config every time you want to add a new project and that each project's task list would live in it's own table.

The second direction, using content types, of course would require that the tasks lists you're using are all using one content type. If this is the case, you can SLAM the "Task" content type (or whatever the name of the specific content type is) and this will automatically SLAM all uses of that content type in your site collection. In your config instead of specifying the List, you'd use the form <ContentType Name="ContentTypeName" ActivationOrder="1"> (for full details on setting up the config though, refer to ). However, note that by SLAMing a content type, all instances of that content type will be placed into one unified database table.

Hope that clears things up! Happy SLAMing!